Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

I have been to many doctors over the years for my fatigue and have never found relief until I started seeing Dr. Gizersky. He is caring, attentive and meticulous in his approach to my care. His unique tests uncovered my problem and his treatments have changed my life. I have more energy, lost weight and I stopped downing coffee and energy drinks and feel great all day long. My sleep improved as has my energy. I am sick much less often and am able to do all things I wanted but was too tired to do before. Thank you Dr. Gizersky!

– Jennifer, Brooklyn, NY


When I met Dr. Gizersky I was going through severe menopause. I had 2 beds at home with 2 sets of sheets. Every night I would change sheets and beds because I was soaked from my hot flashes. I had severe anxiety and insomnia. His attentive and thoughtful bedside manner put me at ease with my first visit. I began hormone therapy and within a month felt better. I began sleeping better, was more rested and the hot flashes virtually disappeared 3 months into treatment! I have not felt this good in years!

– Grace, Brooklyn, NY


I am 30 but felt like an old man. I was always tired, could not pack on muscle in the gym despite training and became very concerned when my sex drive was not the same and performance changed. I was too tired to play with my kids and too tired to do anything with my wife. Many doctors told me I “am fine” but I never felt fine. Dr. Gizersky diagnosed me with low testosterone. My level was that of a 70 year old man! After 6 months of treatment I feel awesome. I have energy all the time, I became more toned and lean doing the same workouts and my relationship with my wife improved a lot. My sex drive is up and I even got promoted at work!

– Nasir, Brooklyn, NY


I tried the new Ion Magnum machine in Dr. Gizersky’s office and it is amazing! I finally have a toned and slimmed down body I have always wanted. I was undergoing hormonal replacement therapy with Dr. Gizersky, when he introduced me to Ion Magnum. After just 1 session, the results were visible and I felt amazing because my jeans were instantly big on me and my stomach felt as if I exercised for months! I felt toned, replenished and full of energy! After just one session I lost an inch off my waist line and now after completing the full course of 10 session I feel like a had a full body lift- without surgical intervention. It is as if I spent hours in the gym working out every part of my body, while in fact I was relaxing in a comfortable chair. This machine really works and my results are wonderful. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself!

– Carla, New York, N.Y


I have been a gym addict for many years but I could never achieve my final goals. My dream was always to get rid of the stubborn love handles and have a six pack. Ion Magnum helped me realize my dreams and finally achieve my goals! After completing the full course on Ion Magnum, I now have nothing left of the stubborn love-handles I have been trying to get rid of for years and I can now hit the beach without being self-conscious and embarrassed. This machine gave me the final results I have always wanted. My favorite part is that there was no surgery or needles or any pain what so ever! In fact this machine improved my blood circulation, which was extremely beneficial to me, as I am also a diabetic. This machine is fantastic and it really improved my quality of life both externally and internally! Big thanks to Dr. Gizersky for his attentive care and always thinking of how to make his patients feel and look better inside and out!

– Kevin, Brooklyn, N.Y


I recently completed a 10 session course on the Ion Magnum Machine at Vitality Logix office with Dr. Gizersky and I finally have my pre-baby body back and ready for the summer season! I have been trying to loose weight after having my second baby, but it was just not coming off as quickly and my muscles were not responding to exercise as well as after my 1st baby. I took Dr. Gizersky’s advice to try Ion Magnum. After just 1 session on the Ion Magnum machine I felt as if I had a tummy tuck and lipo suction all at once! I felt as if my inner muscles were tightened and even when relaxed my body felt together and toned all over. I am now back to my pre-baby size and I am so very exited to recommend this machine to all the mommies who want to get their post baby body back into shape as quickly as possible! Overall, it was a fantastic experience – pain and worry free with amazing results! It was worth the time and money!

– Debbie, New York, NY