What is the Treatment of Menopause?

What is the Treatment of Menopause?

Women often seek treatment for menopause when they are bothered by its symptoms. Treatment options vary, but one

of the most sought-after treatments is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). There are many types of hormones for replacement and even more ways to administer them.

At Vitality Logix, we want to educate you about the variety of treatment options and clear up many of the misconceptions about these treatments

so you make choose the one that suits you.

All hormones are not created equal and one important mantra in HRT is “form fits function.” By this

I mean that the structure of a hormone is directly related to its function in the body. For example, estrogen (the female hormone) and testosterone (the male hormone) have dramatically different functions and lead to the development of female and male characteristics, respectively. However,

their chemical structures differ in very slight and minor ways. They are also derived form the same compound in the body. So, a tiny change in structure makes a huge difference in function when it comes to hormones.

The term “Bio-identical” refers to hormones that are designed and synthesized to look and therefore function just like the hormones in our body. They can be custom made into medications to suit the individual needs of any patient and allow for very specific dosage changes. In recent years, large

drug companies have realized the benefits of these compounds and have begun to manufacture bio-identical hormones in the form of patches.

The structure of “traditional hormones”, such as the ones commonly found in older medical studies, differs significantly from the hormones in our body. So it is no wonder that unwanted effects occur

from compounds that look nothing like what our body is used to.

To make the distinction among such hormones, the medical community

has devised certain terms, which are often confused in the media, leading

to many misconceptions among women seeking HRT.


  • Bio-identical ESTRADIOL (identical to human)
  • Conjugated non-human estrogen esters (derived from purified horse urine)


  • Not identical to human progesterone
  • Derived from other hormonal compounds
  • Linked to highest risk of breast cancer


  • Bio-identical to human hormone

Synthetic vs Natural Hormone

  • There is no such thing as a natural hormone. All hormones, including Bio-identical and compounded ingredients, are synthesized in a pharmaceutical lab and manufactured in a designated pharmaceutical facility under FDA supervision and certification.
  • The term “Natural” refers to a group of plant-derived substances known as phytoestrogens, which have a structure similar to estrogen and exert a weak estrogen-like effect on the body.

At VitalityLogix we use a combination of the most effective and most thoroughly researched methods for symptomatic relief of menopause to restore a more youthful hormonal state. Many formulations can be customized to each patient using compounding techniques made by certified, specialized pharmacists in a licensed compounding pharmacy.

We realize that not every woman may want or need HRT. Therefore, we also utilize a variety of nutraceuticals, herbs and phytoestrogens to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.