Vital Hormones

Vital Hormones

Hormones are chemicals that control the internal environment of the body, starting at the cellular

and DNA level. The balanced internal environment is called homeostasis. The body relies on a complex network of interrelated hormones that communicate with each other and they are controlled

by negative feedback loops.

Think of this feedback loop as a thermostat in your home. You set a particular temperature for

your home and the heater goes on until that temperature is reached. At that point a sensor tells

the computer to turn off heat production. Once the temperature level falls below the desired

setting, the sensor tells the computer to turn on again. This is how our hormones work.

Sensors all over the body detect various hormone levels and send stimulatory signals to specific organs to make hormones that go to their destination in the body and perform certain functions.

This intricate and balanced system can be easily disturbed and put into a state of disequilibrium causing bothersome symptoms and a wide array of health problems from benign to life threatening.

As the body ages, the precision of this delicate system decreases and it is no longer able to effectively perform its required functions and cannot maintain balance in the body.


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