HCG Diet

HCG Diet

Prescription HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) therapy and a calorie-restricted diet is a very safe and effective option for people who desire to achieve weight loss without the hunger or weakness.

When done under medical supervision and guidance, the very low calorie diet combined with prescription HCG produces dramatic fat loss in a safe and rapid timeframe without hunger or depletion of vitamins, minerals, or nutrients. You will loose about a pound a day during the active treatment phase of this diet.

At Vitality Logix, the HCG Weight Loss Program consists of:

  • Three visits
  • HCG supplied in pre-filled syringes or compounded as a nasal spray
  • Injection training
  • Diet guidebook
  • Lab testing of blood and urine*
  • Nutritional counseling and meal planning tips

HCG therapy comes in two treatment regimens and depends on the desired weight loss:

  • 23 day treatment phase with 21 injections/sprays for 15 pounds or less
  • 40 day treatment for 15-34 pounds**
  • The treatment cycle may be repeated in 8 weeks for those wishing to lose more than 34 pounds

HCG therapy will preferentially reduce superfluous fat, while protecting lean tissues such as muscle. HCG even has the added benefit of reducing fat specifically in unwanted areas such as hips, thighs, back, midsection, arms, etc. The caloric restriction that comes along with HCG therapy is safe and possible only because of the HCG which allows your body to access stored fat deposits and release their nutritional content.

The HCG diet was originally developed in the 1950’s by Dr. Simeons, M.D. and was implemented in hundreds of cases in his clinic in Rome. In the 1970’s it made a comeback and then faded out of use due to nutritional and obesity research moving in other directions. Once gain, the HCG Diet has entered the medical spectrum and has been successfully used by thousands of people.

Because of the effectiveness and popularity of the HCG diet, companies have been selling products claimed to contain “homeopathic” HCG over-the-counter. There is no such thing as homeopathic HCG and genuine pharmaceutical HCG is available only through a pharmacy and must be prescribed by a licensed physician. Fortunately, FDA regulators recently issued a warning to makers of over-the-counter (OTC) HCG weight-loss products, thus banning over-the-counter sales due to potential dangers arising from following the dietary restrictions without medical supervision. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers to steer clear of these “homeopathic” human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) weight-loss products. Over-the-counter “HCG” sales can be very dangerous when patients start following the calorie-restricted diet without actual HCG in the product they are using.

The FDA warning addressed ONLY over-the-counter sales of products and NOT those prescribed by physicians. HCG is now ONLY available by prescription from a licensed physician and its use by physicians continues to be legal. The HCG diet was always intended to be done under medical supervision and is not a do-it-yourself option.

The effects of HCG may be augmented further by our other services such as Ion Magnum Body and treatment of conditions such as adrenal fatigue or low T in men.

*costs of lab testing are not included in the HCG Diet Program

**the HCG treatment phase is stopped if 34 pounds of weight loss occur prior to the 40 day course